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Jasleen kaur.     (B1)


You have often seen people around you, wearing goggles to either improve their vision or to improve cosmetic of their personality .Have you ever seen people wearing goggles on their mind? What is your answer……..Certainly NO.You will be surprised to know that, every one[ mostly] of us has wear the spectacle on our own mind. How ? It is difficult to explain, because no one will accept that, he wears any goggles to his mind.

What ever your thoughts about life,society,friends,system,your boss,neighbors,celebrities, etc are to be as per your own perceptions. Others may have different opinion on same issue. Though the things are happening in same way, but interpretation at individual levels or mass level may be different, because your goggles may be different from others. YOU MAY BE RIGHT OR OTHER MAY BE RIGHT. Who will decide? Actually lence and color of goggles,you wear is implanted by others and you are not aware of it. You do not know that, your perception about life and society has been injected in your mind by others in very wisely manner.

Once you remove your goggles ,you will find, world was never so beautiful before. Lot of thinking and self evolution is required . Who are ready to do it? Answer is awaited. I think writer of these lines should do it first. Is it right?……………..

Jasleen kaur

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