Your Death is Our Life: Unfolding the Psyche of Rich…By Er.Ranjan Raina

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I have written a few lines in view of the global pandemic namely COVID19.

Ranjan Raina

The world belongs to the rich and they control it the way they want to.
Poor people were needed for driving their cars, cooking their food, mopping their floors etc. So they allowed the poor population to grow.
With advent of IA, they would not need poor population. So they will eliminate it as the poor population is a burden on natural resources of the planet owned by rich.

The second phase would be to eliminate the middle class. You and me and our kids. Presently we are so happy that our kids are working in big organisations for a hefty package but we are blindfolded by the rich. We don’t understand that we have made our kids their slaves who are working 16 hours a day, compromising their health and youthful life. The worst part is that we are happy and proud to make our kids their slaves.
These kids will be killed once they complete their job of developing artificial intelligence to the level that they are no more needed.
The population of the world is more than 7 billion . It is projected to keep it down to 5 billion or even lesser within 100 years.
The only solution to this is to stop working for the rich and remain happy with smaller salaries but rich life.
But this is not going to happen because

The world is owned by the rich and the others are puppets only

Er.Ranjan Raina

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5 thoughts on “Your Death is Our Life: Unfolding the Psyche of Rich…By Er.Ranjan Raina

  1. Its true and pointed out the urgent need of searching some solutions also..I think the engineers themselves should take initiative as they are now the frontliners of all these activities

  2. Very well Explained in short…the future of current and next generation,But world is governed by powerful and Rich people. Let’s see what happens.

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