How to Write a Good Article Review

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For an excellent article review, one should first prepare then write the review.

Preparation includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Understanding what the article review is.

You should be aware that the audience of the review has knowledge on the subject matter and is not just a general audience.

You need to summarize the main ideas of the article, arguments, positions, and findings. Also, critique the contributions of the material and overall effectiveness of the field. Note that,

  1. The review only responds to the research of the author and does not involve new research.
  2. It evaluates and summarizes the article.
  • Step 2: Identify the organization of the review.

You need to know the setup of your article review to understand how to read the article. Following these steps will help you in writing a useful review:

  •  Summarize the article.

It includes essential points, claims and information in the article.

  • Discuss the positive aspects.

It entails the author’s good points and insight observations

  • Identify the gaps, contradictions, and inconsistencies in the article done by the author. Also, identify if there is enough research or data to support the claims of the author.

Look for unanswered questions in the article.

  • Step 3: Preview the article.

Look at the title of the article, abstract, introduction, headings, opening sentences of paragraphs and conclusion.

Read the first few paragraphs and conclusion to note the author’s main points and arguments.

Read the article entirely.

  • Step 4: Read the article carefully.

Read it several times making notes on essential sections. Just highlight central points and the supporting facts. You should write notes and state cross-references on the essential points.

  • Step 5: Put the article in your own words.

Ensure you write all the essential points accurately in a clear and logical manner.

Review your summary to remove unnecessary items.

  • Step 6: Create your evaluation outline.

After reviewing the summary outline, identify the significant aspects such as instances of effective writing, contributions to the field and areas which are to be improved in the article. Also, indicate strengths and weaknesses. For instance, an advantage may be the way the author presents an issue while a gap may be that the article does not offer solutions to a problem or lacks enough information on a particular subject.


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