Enjoy the joy of Destiny Will. Gurmeet Singh

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With the continuous development of quantum physics and metaphysics, this fact has started to be established that, the whole existence is created from different dimensions of energy transformation, and within the amount of total energy, matter is present in different existential forms. Thinker’s, saints and gurus had expressed these thoughts many centuries ago, and the process of confirming them is continued by the scientists. Now the clouds of doubt about our own thinkers have also started to gradually dissipate.

Cosmic intelligence needs the medium of the human body in the direction of manifestation and fulfillment of the will of existence, and this is the basis for the continuous advancement and development of existence, according to the will of the master of the world. This amazing power comes only through infinite divine energy. The whole world and existence is developing in a definite order of development, the human world is only a medium. In fact the soul get the human body to experience the absolute bliss and For the fulfillment of the desire of the Creator.But considering the divine cosmic knowledge as our achievement, we become engrossed in the ego and engage in the destruction of humanity.

The direction of development and upliftment of this universe is predetermined, that is, our destination is already fixed and we unintentionally walk in the same direction, which the Creator has determined. Every creature has been entrusted with the task by the lord of the universe, which is preserved in its basic nature, but the clever man, due to his mental cunning and delusion, gets derailed. This phenomenon, become the cause of his mental miseries. Our future is predetermined, and no one can change that. We should decide our actions according to our own nature, this is our destiny which is predetermined.


If you look around you, you will find that many people are amazing, and incredibly high achievers in life. Back benchers in the class seem to be on the ladder of success, while the top rankers seem to be leading a life of frustration and despair. It is the destiny of man, which is predetermined by the owner of the existence. The person, surprisingly, starts getting wisdom, opportunities and solutions to choose the paths for the journey to the fixed destination. Therefore, by accepting the destiny of the journey, one should make up the mind to complete the journey with pleasure. Our thinkers have been giving the message of self-acceptance in the form of Hari Ichha at every stage of life, which in fact, reveals the underlying messages of maintaining mental strength by accepting destiny.

Recognize your nature, act accordingly and accept destiny and proceed to the predetermined destination and with mental joy, zeal and enthusiasm. Remember Kishore Kumar’s popular song “Main To Chala, Jidhar Chale Rasta, Mujhe Kya Khabar Hai, Kahaan Meri Manzil”

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