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Everyone has been designed to recieve lot of divine love from our creater,but are we ready to receive this gift from our creater?Certainly most of us neither aware nor recieving why? These people perhaps don’t know about this amazing God gift,and passing their life in struggling with various issues, that has been unknowingly created by themselves.

When someone tuned to the vibration of divine love,then his life is totally changed. All illusions of his thought process, suddenly get reformed, and he is able to experience real peace of physical ,mind and soul .This is accepted only with experiencing the divine love.Otherwise people are so sticky with there illusions, that they don’t accept anything that opposes, there illusions.

Our society ,system and media are so powerful that,commonman can’t come out of the illusions,that has been established by above elements. So how the common people realize the blessings of divine love.

Universe is nothing but great combination of love and life vibrations.Our creater is always emitting divine vibes of love. Fundamental nature of our soul consist of unconditional love vibes.Everyone understand that, either human or animal kingdom, whenever recieve love from humen being, always feel ultimate satisfaction and peace.This happens,because love vibes directly connects to our soul. There is nothing more important than, unconditional love for our soul.When we connect to divine love,all illusions suddenly get off,and the real meaning of life is exposed.

The energy,vibes and characteristics of divine love is nothing but glorious content of our great creater. So when creater and created, connects through this mode of divine love,then soul really achieve the complete ness,and there is nothing great than this connection.

How people will understand this great phenomenon…….of receiving the showering nectar of divine love.It is still to be worked out

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  1. Excellent Written.A new Perspective of Divine’s love has been defined in a short and sweet way

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